Red Cells - DarkFuse

This was a mind bender for me. I have gotten out of the habit of reading Sci-fi and I found myself pretty caught up in the concept of not only encountering creatures from different planets (and they abound in this novella) but also from a different dimension. I thought of them sort of the same way that I think of those crazy aberrations that they find in the deepest trenches of the ocean---and that analogy plays out here. Creatures that actually live among us, but we cannot, except under the most unusual circumstances, come into contact with them. What if we not only invade but also attempt to take up residence their "inner space?" How will they respond? Especially since we have no idea of what their capabilities really are. Add to that very interesting social commentary on what we choose to do with our "less desirable" population and our endless desire for conquest.

This is no space opera. Very thoughtful and well done. Another great novella from Darkfuse.