Blackout - Tim Curran

Really well done homage to the classic War of the Worlds. Modernized with an interesting twist and Curran's singular gory erudite style. He sent me to google again---this time looking up extinction events.


I have read several of Curran's works and he certainly knows his classics and never fails to put in material that makes me want to research the stories behind his stories. This isn't just a retelling, although reflections abound for those familiar with War of The Worlds. I found his biological machines even scarier than the robot walkers of Wells---those tentacles were beyond nasty---how does he think of this stuff?


If you are reading horror and you aren't reading Curran, you are definitely missing out. He is, in my opinion, a master of the horror novella, and I am so grateful to Darkfuse for providing me a steady diet of his short dark and disturbing fiction. It is the perfect length for his tales of nastiness and this one is no exception.