Reaping the Dark - Gary McMahon

Another great novella from Darkfuse.  I read this book in one sitting and I think most people will do the same.


I really enjoy supernatural noir stories.  I enjoyed McMahon’s The Nightsiders last year and William Meikle’s Broken Sigil was another fine example earlier this year.


I once read that a New York purse-snatcher a few years ago managed to grab a purse from an elderly lady, tossing her to the ground in the process and injuring her.  The article stated that the victim turned out to be a relative of John Gotti which made me want to be a fly on the wall when the purse-snatcher found out.  Be careful who you steal from. 


In this novella it isn’t a mafia figure that is robbed, as if that wouldn’t be bad enough, but a secret occult society who has enforcers of a completely different kind at their disposal, and your life may not be the most important thing that you have to lose.


A rocket of a novella, firing out of the gate, and screaming to an explosive conclusion with little chance to take a breath. 


I gave it four stars which in some ways isn’t fair because I would have given it 5 if I wasn’t comparing it in my head to McMahon’s earlier novella, The Nightsiders, which really messed me up last year and was one of my favorites for 2013.


Check out both of them.