The Shape of Water - Andrea Camilleri, Stephen Sartarelli

Subtle.  One of the only murder mysteries that I have read that is much more interested in the “why” than the “who” and “how.” 


Intelligent humor.  Maybe a bit smart for me.  When the narrator or characters describe someone or something as being like a painting by an painter that I have never heard of,  or reference plays by authors unknown to me, I start to wonder if there was a pre-requisite to this class and I missed it. 


Definitely not of the English or American detective school and refreshing because of it.  A great insight to how Sicilian Italians think about the world and the nature of crime and criminals.  Everything is political in some way or the other.


This is the first in a long series.  I enjoyed it and might be tempted to read more but it is a bit dry and light for my taste.  More intellect than menace.