Savage - Gary Fry

I am always happy when my new Darkfuse books arrive—I really feel that my membership has been money well spent.  This one wasn’t a favorite, but with such different types of works and so many different writers, you can’t expect every reader to like every book.


I am a big fan of Gary Fry and in the internal psychological perspective that he brings to his characters.  I think that he went just a bit too far in this one.  Rather than simply putting his main character on the couch and letting us watch him process his thoughts, Fry actually makes a psychologist the main character; and the worst kind---one of those people that became psychologists in order to understand and perhaps “cure” themselves. It was just a bit much as the story, which started out a really promising wrong turn/creepy town situation, started to seem like a class. I also felt that the storyline itself was an attempt to teach a lesson and was rather heavy handed with the use of symbolism.


I wholeheartedly recommend him as an author and would encourage anyone interested in good dark fiction to read Fry’s Emergence, Lurker, or House of Canted Steps---all of which are excellent.