Hollow City - Ransom Riggs

Well written second part, that suffers a bit because of it being a second part. Clearly, this novel is just an installment, a lay-over on the complete journey, and it feels like it. New information is added, new characters, more explanation of the over-arching plot line and mythology--and little if anything is resolved.

Well, this is what happens in a series, right? Imagine reading The Two Towers and waiting on Return of the King to be written. There is an element of hanging fire to the whole thing.

I feel that it will be worth the wait and that this series will be very memorable. Mr. Riggs is a fantastic writer. His world building skills are first rate and his characters are compelling.

The action is certainly amped up in this one, as are the numerous confrontations. We are now traveling through war torn London on a mission to save Ms. Peregrine. I found the historical element fascinating. Our intrepid gang of gifted children prove themselves to be quite formidable and the several interactions with the hollows and wights are cinematic and thrilling. I found the changing scenery to be refreshing and really enjoyed the new “peculiars” that they pick up along the way.

4 stars. Maybe partially because I am impatient and want to read the third part. 

Now. Yeah, now would be nice.