Shattered - C.S. Kane

Darkfuse continues to produce quality dark fiction and Shattered is no exception. The authors that they publish represent quite a variety of styles so there certainly is something for everyone.

A traditional ghost story set in England. I am already liking it. While I certainly enjoyed it, I felt that I was traveling familiar territory in this novella and there were not any surprises for me. Ghostly revenants from the past , some evil, some victims, seek out and torment a current resident living in their former home. I thought it was well written, but it just didn’t go deep enough for me. I particularly wanted to know more about the villain of the story. 

Good characters. I particularly liked the protagonist and the issue of whether she was going mad or really experiencing supernatural phenomenon was well done but this story has been done before in pretty much the same way (eg. A Stir of Echoes) so I was left a bit disappointed in the end.

I will definitely read more of Ms. Kane's work though because she writes very well and I enjoyed her characters.