Whom the Gods Would Destroy - Brian Hodge

A beautiful mix of horror and sci-fi with a nice dose of superstition/anthropology thrown in for good measure. Does one make sacrifices to alien invaders? One does if they are indistinguishable from gods. It is in our nature, I suppose. You won’t just breeze through this one. Or at least you shouldn’t. There is too much depth to this story. Too many moments when you pause and just think about what you just read. While clearly horror, with the usual suspension of disbelief required, at its core this is a deeply unsettling and very plausible extinction event scenario. One that may have even already occurred. Yet one so subtle that we might not even realize that we are, in fact, going extinct. I was blown away and most likely will re-read this one in the near future. I have a feeling that I merely scratched the surface.