If Snow Hadn't Fallen - S.J. Bolton

Do not, I repeat DO NOT, read this novella (Lacey Flint #1.5) before you read the novel Now You See Me (Lacey Flint #1.0). It contains spoilers for the novel. Stop right now. Go get the novel and read it first.




I will wait.


Ok, now that you read these in the proper order, aren’t you glad you did? If Snow Hadn’t Fallen takes up right where Now You See Me left off. I enjoyed spending more time with Lacey and the crew and am looking forward to reading more in the series.

Just as Now You See Me was especially interesting not only for the great story and characters, it also was especially satisfying because of the historical detail and the cultural aspects. I have visited England, but as an American I was completely unaware of and fascinated by the insight into the current culture and social issues. Even more so with If Snow Had Not Fallen which, besides being a great police procedural about an absolutely horrific murder, provided insight into the Muslims living in London, both their culture and how their culture clashes with the English. Great ending too.


I am off to find the next book in the series.