Lurker - Gary Fry

This is my second novella by Mr. Fry and very different from “Emergence.” Where “Emergence” was sort of Jamesian (at least in terms of the ambiguity of the supernatural aspects) and drew its interest from the interior emotional landscape of the characters, “Lurker” is in your face horror. Rip your face off horror is even more apt. Greatly enjoyed both novellas and will be following Mr. Fry’s career and wonder what the next book will be like.

I hate to give away plots so I rarely discuss them but I can give a few details without harming the enjoyment. Basically the Mr. and Mrs. have gone through some tough, emotional times and have tried what could be called a “geographical solution.” Move somewhere without the memories. However people can change along with environments and Meg is now suspicious that her husband Harry is having an affair. She gets a clear case of tunnel vision, focusing on her husband, even though signs around her are mounting that concerns about marital infidelity is distracting her from something much more sinister and dangerous that is happening around her. Creepy stuff, folks. Fans of Lovecraft and writers of his ilk will eat this one up. I sure did. It is the combination of the worldly and the otherworldly that did it for me in this one.

Congratulations again to Mr. Fry and to Darkfuse, who introduced me to this writer and turned out yet another great novella. I just renewed my membership.