Breaths in Winter: The Complete Collection of 32 Tales of Terror - Donna Burgess,  Alicia Burgess (Illustrator) I downloaded and read this free short story collection shortly after I got my first e-reader last year for Christmas. I hadn't reviewed it yet and I feel that it deserved one. I had learned about all these free books that were out there and thought I had found some vein of gold that was just waiting to be mined. Since then I, as another reviewer wrote, have become more selective after having read some truly awful free offerings. But I did, and continue to find, a few gems. This collection was one of those, particularly the first and last story. The first story, "The Dancing Water" was other-worldly in atmosphere as it describes venturing into the ghost towns created by Chernobyl. The story itself was original and very artistic, as well as chilling. It fascinated me. The last story, "Awake, Ghost Song" was very disturbing but so well written that I felt deep compassion for the protagonist and fell completely into the story. I felt real dread as it proceeded and the story packs quite an emotional punch.