Odd Thomas  - Dean Koontz Caution: comments contain spoilers.

I like Dean Koontz but I am not a big fan. I don't know if the stories seem too generic or the characters are too standard in my view, but he gets me about 60% of the way there most times. I have actually put down a few of his books after about 50 pages because I simply lost interest. I know that he is wildly popular so obviously others don't share this view. Odd Thomas, both the novel and the character, were different for me though. The idea of someone being able to see and interact with ghosts is hardly original with Koontz. This territory was tread in Sixth Sense and taken farther and darker in Kealan Patrick Burke's Turtle Boy series, among many others. I think it is what Odd Thomas, the character, brings to this story that makes it stand out. He carries in him a sadness, a fatalism, combined with a self-deprecation and appreciation of his own weaknesses that made him and this story stand out to me---and make me want to read more in the series. He is also funny as hell, which I definitely did not expect. The whole narrative is told by Odd Thomas himself (who has no confidence in himself as a proper or even reliable narrator) in a quirky and meandering fashion that invites us not to take anything seriously even when as the story gets darker and creepier. I found myself genuinely creeped out several times and that is a really good thing. 5 Stars.