The Living Dead  - John Joseph Adams, Dan Simmons, Susan Palwick, Clive Barker This collection really has it all. Zombies as monsters, as objects of pity, as commodities, as political collateral, and even as the natural evolution of the human species. There is even a story without a zombie. I won't go story by story but I can tell you that they are all well done. No one will be moved or even like every story in here, but the sheer scope of viewpoints, as well as the quality of the writing, make this collection a treasure. Mr. Adams has impeccable taste.

My personal favorites are those that generate sympathy or really get into the human condition as it faces the inevitability of death or isolation. As such, my favorites were "This Year's Class Picture," "The Dead Kid," "Stockholm Syndrome," "Dead Man's Road," "The Age of Sorrow," "Almost the Last Story by Almost the Last Man," and "How the Day Runs Down." These were stories that left me stunned by their beauty and their humanity. You will probably have a different list.

One thing is certain. This collection is a masterpiece of dark literature.