Enter At Your Own Risk: Old Masters, New Voices - Alex Scully, Carole Gill, Ed Medina, Joshua Skye, John Karr, Ambrose Bierce, Bram Stoker, B.E. Scully, Robbie Anderson, David Thomas, Edgar Allan Poe, Mari Adkins, H.P. Lovecraft, Nicky Peacock, Benjamin Sperduto, A.A. Garrison 4 1/2 Stars.

I really enjoyed this anthology. Strong stories by several modern writers, particularly B. E. Scully (definitely have to read Verland now) juxtaposed with classic writers exploring similar themes. And not just the obvious most published stories by the older writers. "There Was A Man Dwelt by a Churchyard" by M.R. James was hair-raising and "The Spectre Bride" by William Harrison Ainsworth is one of the darkest stories I have ever read.

If you want to commune with some Gothic ghosts, this story will conjure them up for you.