The Dracula Tape (Dracula Series, #1)

The Dracula Tape (Dracula Series, #1) - Fred Saberhagen Saberhagen really knows the source text and is true to the original story, although he does add a few scenes that suit his purpose. I was anxious to read this one after enjoying Seance for a Vampire, in which Drac meets Holmes and Watson. In that book Drac was a formidable ally, full of swagger and charisma. In The Dracula Tape not so much. He came off to me as, dare I say it, a whiner--complaining that he got blamed for this or that or trying to make himself seem to be the good guy in the story. He is one of the great villains of all time but seems very uncomfortable with the role. I really wanted the strong, swaggering, formidable Count (of the original or of Saberhagen's Seance for a Vampire) back and didn't recognize the guy in this book. I will keep reading, but this isn't my favorite of the series.