Nursery Rhymes 4 Dead Children

Nursery Rhymes 4 Dead Children - Lee  Thompson Nursery Rhymes 4 dead children is a great mystery story and a great fantasy/horror story but it is much more than those things. It is the type of book that I think of when I use the term "literary horror."

Two old friends are brought together in a perfect storm of tragedy that may have been caused by or perhaps may in turn be feeding a demonic intrusion into the town of Division. Magic, both dark and good, runs deep in this town and through generations of its inhabitants. We are witnessing the result of years of evil acts which have thinned the boundary between this world and the realm of demons as well as taken its toll on the children who grew up in this town and were in many ways used as pawns. No character is without his or her scars; no soul remains unbattered. Each person carries his personal losses; but it is how they bond together in mutual pain and need that brings out the message in this book. As one character explains, they seek to be a redeemer---that is what I feel the message of this book is: that from pain, sacrifice, even horror, it is possible to defy and defeat seemingly insurmountable odds, and that love and loyalty can bring redemption to all those with the courage to seek it.