Wolf Hunt

Wolf Hunt - Jeff Strand Great story, fantastic characters and dialogue, very well written. A perfect monster romp with an entertaining mix of humor and action.

My one gripe is contained in the spoiler below and explains why I took away one star.

My only complaint is that the werewolf, although vicious, extremely intelligent, and off the charts as far as psychopaths go, just wasn't that formidable physically. He went mano a mano several times with both Lou and George, and sometimes with only one of them, and came out on the losing end most times. Sure, these guys are very large experienced mob enforcers, but the werewolf should be more than a match for any one guy, especially an unarmed one. Well, maybe not Chuck Norris, in which case they roll over and ask for a belly scratch. I always thought that George and Lou would overpower and beat Ivan at the end and wasn't surprised when they did.