As I Embrace My Jagged Edges - Lee  Thompson Lee Thompson is creating a very interesting landscape with these division stories. Not only are these books interesting stories plot-wise, they also are unflinching in the exploration of the deep levels of suffering of the characters. These characters bleed out on the pages. Thompson must really have a strong emotional attachment to his creations because he portrays them with such sympathy and power. Very few writers breathe such life into their characters. Very few. Lee is a very courageous writer.

I am very interested to follow the further journeys of Boaz as he continues to fight against forces of darkness as well as come to grips with his own insecurities and meets characters from the other stories. This is the fourth division novel that I have read and I am struck not only by how good they all are, but how DIFFERENT they all are from each other. I can't even imagine how these wonderful characters are all going to come together but I am sure looking forward to finding out.