Abomination Magazine (Issue #1)

Abomination Magazine (Issue #1) - Corey J. Goldberg,  James Godwin,  Eleanor Bennett,  William J. Fedigan,  W.B. Stickel,  W.C. Roberts,  Matthew S. Dent,  Michal Bedkowski,  Steve  Lowe,  Tyler Miller This was a very good collection. You can sign me up for Issue #2 right here and now. I found the stories to be fresh and disturbing, not a "safe" one in the bunch---exactly what I like in horror. They range the gamut from noir, to "Twilight Zone" style, to Lovecraft, to dystopian future to just downright weird and I felt that they were all strong entries. I must say to the publisher that I could not read the comic on my Kindle Fire---I say this so that it can be corrected in this and future issues if possible.