Dreams in Black and White - John R. Little John Little writes very powerful, short novels that are short in format but will stay in the memory for a very long time. Little writes about longing, loss, fate, sorrow, and what we sometimes must do to attempt to avoid fate and to reclaim what we have lost.

Charlie Parkinson, a talented photographer, has a gift, or perhaps a curse. The gift is that he has precognition---he is aware of horrific events before they occur. This allows him to be present with his camera to capture photos at the very instant of horror. Photos like few have ever seen.

The curse is that his precognition is not accurate. Yes, he knows the time and place, but his visions are often not accurate at all as to the events that occur or the people involved. But he does know that horrific events will occur----and that he will be powerless to stop them. Not even when he dreams that he will murder his own wife....

Little is a very good writer. I would also recommend "The Memory Tree" which was a powerful and courageous book.