Eerie - Blake Crouch,  Jordan Crouch I like Blake Crouch and I apparently like the way that his brother writes as well. This novel, however, while well written, just did not do it for me. The plot, which started out very promising, wound up becoming a mishmash of genres that left little or none of the emotional impact intact. I give it three stars because the writing was good and, based on that, my dissatisfaction may be my personal taste. I see some other reviews that are positive so consider my review just one person's (differing) opinion. I was wanting a ghost story and I didn't get it. I saw this billed as a gothic ghost story and it isn't. Reading the interview with the writers at the end, I saw that they originally thought of the story one way and then towards the end of the process went a different way with the plot that changed the whole book. I probably would have liked the simpler story that they describe as the "original idea" better.