The Mountain King - Rick Hautala I went camping when I was a kid and this was the type of story that we told around the campfire----well, maybe not as violent as this, but the same type of story. And we scared the crap out of each other. Set in Maine, up on Mount Agiochook, two climbers encounter bad weather and amuse themselves with campfire tales. The fun is short-lived when encounter a legendary creature from Indian folklore that turns out to be much more than just a legend and much nastier than any campfire story. Think you know how this story goes? No, actually you don't. It is safe to say that no one is safe from the Mountain King, who is not an unthinking eating machine but is actually an intelligent and sadistic predator on the hunt. Extremely violent and surprising in its plot twists, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I also enjoyed the incorporation of Indian legends into the story and plan on reading Hautala's UNTCIGAHUNK next.