11/22/63 - Stephen King I agree with the reviewers that have stated that this book would be better if a couple hundred pages were trimmed off. Stephen King is a brilliant writer, but this one just dragged for me. Too much information. It was still good enough to get 4 stars because when it wasn't dragging, the novel was spell-binding, particularly the first and last third. One jarring note for me which may not have bothered others--as a long time resident of Dallas I find his treatment of Dallas and his professed dislike of our city to be perplexing and very unfair. Dallas Derry....Derry Dallas. Seriously? Oh of course I know what his point was. He has explained it himself numerous times that he blames the political and racial climate of Dallas for the Kennedy assassination, just as he blames the current Right Wing politics for recent violent acts. He is certainly entitled to his opinion. Mine is that "crazy is as crazy does"---people who attempt to or succeed in killing public figures (political or celebrities like John Lennon) do so to gain attention for themselves and Oswald is no exception.