Freeze - Daniel Pyle I gave it four stars:

A great monster romp with very unusual (and quite nasty) creatures. I would love to read a sequel to learn more about these monsters--where they come from and what they are up to. In a time when every other horror novel is about zombies, how often do you get to enjoy a story about a completely different kind of creature?

Atmosphere. I will admit that I really love stories where the characters are isolated and left to their own devices and I could really feel the arctic chill in the air. It was almost a toss up at times which was more deadly: the creatures or the blizzard.

Pacing was great. Read it in one sitting. It was exactly as long as it should be. Pyle kept the story simple, limiting it mainly to 2 characters and kept the story humming along. It never felt rushed yet never slagged in pace. Well done.

Fun. Plenty of humor. Pyle knows exactly how to write this type of story. Monster romps should be fun and this one sure was. Also, he avoided the typical cliches. These characters were not buff, brilliant, young athletic types capable of making devastating weapons out of a few pieces of wire and a couple of garden tools. They are middle aged, not particularly fit, and are about as far from mechanical engineers as you can get. They are baffled and unprepared for their circumstances, but they fight like hell and I cheered for them.

I will be reading the rest of Pyle's books and I bet that they will be just as good.