Darkness Under the Sun - Dean Koontz This novella nestles nicely into the overall story of the novel "What the Night Knows" and I think enhances the story---giving it an even more emotional punch. I am aware that it was written to be a preface to the novel, but I felt it was more of an epilogue. Having read the novel first, I was able to appreciate this story of the genesis of the killer since I know where his madness eventually took him. Also, as the action in the novella both precedes and follows the action in the novel, it would have been a bit of a spoiler to me if I read the novel after this novella.

As far as the plot goes, without giving away any details, we learn of the beginnings of the murderous history of the killer in "What the Night Knows." More than that even, this story is about the delicate and ephemeral nature of innocence and how it can evaporate almost instantly upon contact with evil. Is it because we all, no matter how innocent, carry that seed of evil within us, only needing the right circumstance or pressures to cause it to grow? This novella also explores how once a door is opened, there is no telling what may pass through and how difficult it is to ever seal that gateway again.