Calico Joe - John Grisham I will start with a confession. I am an attorney, and as such, have had absolutely zero interest in reading any of Mr. Grisham's legal thrillers. That may surprise some people but I am sure that Mr. Grisham would completely understand.

However, I am a baseball fan and absolutely love to read books about baseball. This is a great baseball book. One of the best that I have ever read. Mr. Grisham obviously loves the game and he knows of what he speaks.

He is also a very talented writer. I started this book at around 10 o'clock in the evening and read straight through until I finished. This is a story about a son who became a very good man despite having a father who never was one. It is about making someone do the right thing, not because it will change them in any way, but simply because the right thing needs to be done. A small gem of a novel. I quickly added A Painted House to my wish list and look forward to reading more Grisham.

One note, if you are not a baseball fan, don't hesitate for a second because of that. This story is about baseball because much of the action takes place on a baseball diamond. It is at heart a story about a father and a son. It is a story of how children age to understand their fathers, and in some cases forgive them.