The Howling - Gary Brandner Classic old school werewolf story. I have to say it is MUCH easier for the baddies to get to you when live in the mountains and your only means of communication is a phone at the local mom and pop grocery store in town and you don't even know how to drive. What young adult person didn't know how to drive in the 70's? Lots of stereotypes from the time period. The hero even drives a suped up Camero. They don't mention the gold chains and the half open silk shirt but if you grew up in the 70's you know that they are there.

Consider it a time capsule. And a fun one at that. Crisp writing. Action that proceeds at a perfect pace. Nasty werewolves from the old country transplanted into the mountains in America. A sexy gypsy woman for a villain. What is not to like?

3.5 Stars