The Haunted Forest Tour - James A. Moore;Jeff Strand 3 1/2 stars.

The good: full of the humor that you expect from Strand. This is my first experience with James A. Moore but I will definitely read other books by him now. Characters are interesting. Main Bad guy is really pretty bad--as are a few of the humans, and snarkiness abounds. Entertaining with never a dull moment.

The bad: Just too much. Of everything. Too many monsters. Too many characters going in too many directions. Too much mayhem. One third of the way in I was hoping that the action would slow down so that the plot could develop. No suspense because the action never stops. No scares because there are monsters everywhere you look. I think if we had less characters and if the story developed slower it would have been better. If we are talking about Strand's lighter books, I like the Andrew Mayhem series and Benjamin's Parasite better because they had more focus.

To see the more serious side of Strand I would recommend Dweller, which is just amazing.