The Howling II - Gary Brandner 3 1/2 stars.

Clearly, the animosity doesn't end with the divorce....

Karyn, the much put upon wife in The Howling I, has remarried (even though her husband is not dead---although she doesn't know it) and trying to move on with her life. Where during the first book she was constantly haunted by memories and flashbacks of her rape, in this book she is constantly haunted by memories and flashbacks of being attacked by werewolves. She just can't win, apparently, and will not ever consider the possibility of rescuing herself.

This one moved along at a brisk pace, concentrating on Karyn being tracked (hunted if you will) by her werewolf ex and his werewolf gypsy lover who redefines the concept of the vindictive new wife. Karyn does what she did in the first book---immediately try to find a man to rescue her. Actually the same guy that rescued her in Part 1. She even takes the extra step of getting on a plane to Mexico so that he can rescue her there. Sort of like the fairy princess travelling to the handsome prince instead of the other way around. I guess loading a gun with silver bullets and blowing them away when they showed up on her doorstep in California was MORE difficult somehow? Anyway, it wasn't so bad because the whole mess got wrapped up nicely in a totally anticlimactic and unbelievable resolution in the 5 final pages. Whew!

The book was still fun as a time capsule. I loved all the Dirty Harry references and Karyn's son complaining that his mom was mean for not letting him stay up and watch Kojak! Who loves ya baby?