The Hoard - Alan Ryker I received this book as a member of the Darkfuse book club which, as I have said elsewhere, is the best investment that I have made to my reading pleasure since I bought my Kindle. You not only get tons of great books and novels, you get to interact with the writers themselves and discuss their works. That is entrance into the pearly gates (or the gates of your choice I suppose...) for fans of dark fiction. Seriously, check it out. In the interest of full disclosure I got nothing, nada, zilch for that endorsement other than the hope that someone takes me up on it and thanks me later.

Alan Ryker is a really good writer. I read and thoroughly enjoyed Burden Kansas and Blood Tells True (the Vampires of the Plains series).I am not just saying he can write a good horror story, which he can. His stories are populated with characters we care about. His plots are compelling---and in this case squirm-inducing. He can sure create a scene. In this case the inside of a hoarders abode.

A story of possessions and the possessed.

There are more things that you don't want to know about in that trash heap than bacteria and TV guides from the Carter administration. Things that really do have a life of their own and pose a great risk to yours.

Loved this book. Loved the characters. I felt for them as they confronted one awful situation after another. Even more amazing than that, Ryker gets into the thoughts of the characters in the story. What drives a hoarder to insist on living in a stockpile of rotting trash, unwilling to part with what most of us would consider to be waste? What effect does it have on their families who must wrestle with this destructive and dangerous obsession. Ryker even gets into the squirming, predatory, and thoroughly nasty brain of the absolutely vile creature living in the refuse of our civilization---seeking migration to a human host to claw its way up the food chain.

Be prepared to be horrified at the events and amazed at how much you care for the characters. You will also probably take a shower or two after you finish the book. It will probably literally make you itch---the scenes and description are that good.

I saw those shows on TV about hoarders. I may have watched an episode or so. But I never really thought about it very much.

Not any more.