Evil Jester Digest Volume One - Peter Giglio, Eric Shapiro, Hollie Snider, Gregory L. Norris, John F.D. Taff, Aric Sundquist, Phil Hickes, Rick Hautala, Gary Brandner, David Dunwoody, Tracy L. Carbone I very much enjoyed this anthology, only two stories that I did not connect with and several gems. Of course, that is just me, tastes will differ, my experience may not be typical, all the usual disclaimers apply. Anyway, here goes:

GPS by Rick Hautala--great story by a master. Life-time Bram Stoker winner does not disappoint. 5 stars.
DUST DEVIL by Gary Brandner--well written story by a seasoned veteran. Slightly predictable but still well done. 4 stars.
SHARPE IS EXTRAORDINARY by David Dunwoody--I thought that this one was clever but a bit forced. Guaranteed to rile up anyone who is easily offended by blasphemy---although I personally found the book of Job to be much more disturbing and that IS in the Bible. 4 stars.
THE GIRL WHO DROWNED by Tracy L. Carbone---first story in the collection and it really starts things going with a bang. Very creepy and original. Absolutely fantastic story. 5 stars.
DUST AT THE CENTER OF ALL THINGS by John F.D. Taff---sad, deep, and very moving as well as disturbing. The closing scenes are burned in my brain. Great story. 5 stars.
LOOK BEHIND YOU by Eric Shapiro---delightfully creepy ambiguous tale that leaves us the connect the dots. It is probably different for each reader---after all, don't we all get the devil that we deserve?
LONE WOLF by Gregory L. Norris---didn't like this one. It was like a Harlequin Romance in Zombietown. Odd. 3 stars and I am being nice.
WIDDERSHINS by Hollie Snider--this one was a dud for me also. I think that there is a good idea in there and this might appeal to the Lovecraft faithful. 3 stars.
A GENTLEMAN'S FOLLY by Phil Hickes---nice Gothic story that reminded me a bit of M.R.James. I am a big fan of stories like this. Gave this collection a nice diversity. 5 stars.
And the novelette THE END OF SUMMER by Aric Sundquist--this one is sort of a YA fantasy/fairy tale rather than horror and not really to my taste but that is just me since it is well written and would probably appeal to those who like stories like this. 3 stars.

Average it out and I will call it 4 stars. I will buy the second in the series also and have hopes that it will be as good as this fine collection.