The Graveyard Speaks - Hunter Shea This is my second book by Hunter Shea---the other being Swamp Monster Massacre, and they could not have been more different books. That isn't a bad thing, really. He is part of the new trend of talented authors writing both in YA and for more mature audiences (like Jonathan Maberry and Jeff Strand).

Swamp Monster Massacre is a gory, violent, over the top monster romp that would send my daughter screaming out of the room. The Graveyard Speaks is clearly a YA supernatural novel with more of a focus on the characters and the mystery of what is going on at this graveyard. She will enjoy this one very much. The main characters are paranormal investigators, which is another plot that will appeal to a young audience. Thank God was are spared the sparkly vampires and angst-ridden werewolves.

As I commented in my review of SMM, Shea knows his audience and has the skill level to pull off enjoyable fare in several genres. I gave it 3 stars because this type of novel is not to MY personal taste, and this is MY rating, but I am sure that fans of YA paranormal thrillers would like it and rate it much higher. I even confess to being curious to read the next novel in the series just to see what happens with these characters.