In the Tall Grass - Stephen Lang, Joe Hill, Stephen King I really enjoyed this short story and I agree that it harkens back to the days of Skeleton Crew and that is definitely a very good thing. I found the atmosphere and story line to be unsettling and creepy. Great story that could have been featured in an ultra-violent edition of Weird Tales. You can see the influence of Joe Hill. I clearly wasn't there, but I am betting that the younger King (who I really feel is the heir to the throne) pushed the envelope to make this story even darker and more sinister. I may be wrong, but whoever did, it was great.

I hope that they keep writing together.

Absolutely LOVED the intros to the new novels, especially the sequel to The Shining. It looks like that is going to be a very big story, picking up from near the time of the action in the first classic novel. Apparently like the Hotel California, the Overlook is a hotel that you can check out of but you can never leave....

NOS4A2 is clearly going to be a really fun novel as well.