That Which Should Not Be - Brett J. Talley A framing story surrounds several shorter and quite chilling first person narratives of supernatural or other-worldly events as these story-tellers strive to convince their skeptical listener that monsters do exist. They are not just sharing these tales because they wish to scare this traveler who has found himself in their company---there is a purpose because dark forces are at work to trigger events that threaten the safety of the planet.

This novel struck all the right chords with me. A heady brew steeped in legendary monsters, demons, black arts, profane books, and Cthulhu mythos, this novel unfolds with the atmosphere of a timeless Hammer film---if Bram Stoker and H.P. Lovecraft combined their talents to write the script. Talley really pulls this one off masterfully. It is easy to see why it got Bram Stoker Award attention. The stories are compelling and the language and texture of the prose makes it easy to forget that this book wasn't written 100 years ago.

Highest recommendation. One of my favorite books of the year.