Dead Clown Barbecue - Jeff Strand Oh good Lord, where to start?

If you have a particular taste (I avoid the snarky remarks of others who may say "or lack thereof") a new book by Jeff Strand is always reason to celebrate. For the time you wander around in Jeff's world you can be sure that you will repeatedly (l) laugh at something so inappropriate and twisted that you cannot tell anyone what you were laughing at (2) wince at something so awful and well described that it comes very close to causing actual pain (3) stop and think about a profound moment hidden in thick humorous satire (4) be amazed at how good a writer Strand is while at the same time wonder how someone so funny could also be so twisted. If you like the irreverent humor of David Sidaris but also enjoy horror, if you don't take yourself or literary conventions very seriously, and if you want to read an author that really pushes the edge of good taste (or more like jumps squealing with glee over that precipice) then you need to give Strand a try.