Sow - Tim Curran Darkfuse is publishing great cutting edge horror these days by some of the best writers in the business. Not the biggest names like King and Koontz, however if you are serious about dark fiction, you know them well---or you should.

Tim Curran knows his roots and it shows in everything he writes. He is versed in the classics and his works echo with the voices of Lovecraft, Machen, Hodgson, M. R. James and Poe. However, his works are not pastiche, and Curran's own voice rips through like a buzz saw with the result being that his work reaches you on several levels.

From my reading of several other of his works I can tell you that you must prepare yourself before getting into one of his stories. The evil will be particularly invasive, personal and relentless, the tone will be dark enough to bend light, the scenes will be horrific and memorable and you will not be surprised when it does not go well for the parties involved.

Sow is a particularly nasty tale of possession. Bleak. Harrowing. Gruesome in the extreme.

Fair warning.