Epitaphs - Tracy Carbone What is it about New England that makes it such a fertile ground for growing great horror writers? Being a Texan, I am mystified, but being a horror lover, I do appreciate whatever it is.

Well chosen stories by top flight authors and even takes extra points for artistry by including poems.

My favorite stories were the ones that had a bitter sweetness to them, making them more dark fiction than actually horror.

The Christopher Chair by Paul McMahon--a relic that cures also exacts a price.

Build-A-Zombie by Scott T. Goudsward--gleefully macabre story based, you guessed it, on the concept of building one's own zombie instead of a cute stuffed animal.

Make a Choice by John M. McIlveen--disturbing, realistic, and well done. I don't want to give it away but it would be any parent's worse nightmare.

Stony's Boneyard by Glenn Chadbourne and Holly Newstein--touching supernatural story. Well written, evocative of loss and what we leave behind for the people that loved us.

Cheryl Takes a Trip by Stephen Dorato--literary ghost story about regret that functions on several levels.