Night of the Wendigo

Night of the Wendigo - William Meikle William Meikle is great fun as a storyteller, and so is "Night of the Wendigo." I was expecting a small sort of campfire story about a native American Indian legendary creature but this is much more than that. What starts as a monster romp turns quickly into much larger story. Seamlessly weaving an account of an encounter with a savage mythical creature contained in a 400 year old diary with a cataclysmic battle fought on the present day streets of New York provided this novel a very interesting depth. A wendigo is a terribly nasty demonic creature with powers to possess and animate the dead and even change the weather to suit its bidding and this story gets bigger as the threat grows. Great characters. Plenty of humor. And a plot structure that kept this story humming along at a great pace until the conclusion. Not subtle. Not literary. But quite a bit of fun if you like old fashioned horror novels like I do.