Innocents Lost - Michael McBride Darkfuse is putting out some great horror fiction and McBride is one of their regular (and very talented) writers.

A pitch dark supernatural crime story about an FBI agent (Preston) and a sheriff (Dandridge) joined by the pursuit of the supernatural killer who has abducted both of their daughters. While it is too late to rescue Preston's daughter, who was abducted many years before, they may have time to save Dandridge's girl from a similar fate.

The story of a manhunt stalking a generations old serial killer with demonic and ritualistic tendencies who clearly is more (or perhaps less) than human, this novel is a very rough ride as McBride pulls no punches in spinning this tale. You won't finish this story without flinching several times and you will most likely need time to shake the images from your head.

Strong stuff.

My second book by McBride. I read the Darkfuse novella "Snowblind" and enjoyed that one very much as well. McBride is good and I will be reading more.

4 1/2 stars.