Hag Night

Hag Night - Tim Curran I am going to give this 3.5 stars.

Tiim Curran is a brilliant writer. This is a very good story. Actually, it is a great story. Filet mignon of a story. However, it is presented with a heavy (and unnecessary) sauce that overwhelms its flavor.

The tale at the core of this novel is an homage to all things vampiric with much love for cinematic and literary nosfertu. No, the plural of nosferatu is not nosferati as I originally thought. I looked it up. Which brings me to my gripe with this book. I have used the dictionary feature on my kindle about 5 times and 3 of them were for this book. The descriptive passages were so extended and filled with excessively complex and elevated language that I found myself falling out of the story. It lessened rather than heightened the impact. As did the repetition of these descriptions. Too much. Just too much. Too much internal dialogue in italics and at times all caps. About the fourth time a vampire invaded a character's thoughts, I was tired.

Wow, I am starting to sound like I didn't like this book. That really isn't true. At its core this story is a delicious and quite scary tale that needed an editor to trim it down. And this is just me. There are plenty of rave reviews. It was just a bit too over written for me.

I am a big fan of Tim Curran but I think that I may prefer his novellas, especially Fear Me and The Underdwelling which I found to be lean and compelling.