Cube - Michael Whetzel My third novella by Michael Whetzel and completely different in style and content than Pied Piper of the Undead or Bandwidth.

This story is a Brabury-esque style sci fi story involving a cube found buried in the forest and the incredible gifts it brings to the possessor. A very rose-colored, feel-good type of story that may be appealing to some but lack the edge that others enjoy in their fiction.

I gave it 3 1/2 stars but others may like it more (or less, I suppose). It was certainly entertaining and well written, I had no idea where the story was going, and after three works by this author I have to say that he has a wide range and writes well. All three stories were very different in tone, voice, and style. He certainly is very talented and versatile and I will be reading more by him.