Hell's Door - Sandy DeLuca Another great novella from Darkfuse. I find myself stopping whatever I am reading to read these on the day they are released.

Hells' Door is a dark and horrific painting in a noir frame. DeLuca is a writer and a painter--or a painter who writes? Actually after having read a few of her works, I think there can be no separating the two facets of her talent. She has a painter's eye for detail, color, setting, and composition. Her stories feel complete, organic, and natural. And dark. So very dark. You may find yourself turning away from the pages a few times; but there is beauty on the bloody canvas.

A story of a race against time to capture a horrific murderer before they strike again. Tense. Riveting. Set in and around a steamy club that caters to its client's darkest desires, which in many ways reflects the internal conflict of the detectives investigating the case. How deep can you go into the netherworld of vice and depravity and remain unchanged? Hell's Door is a great detective story, a character study in madness, a horror thriller, and a great work of dark fiction.

Highly recommended.