Snowblind 2

Snowblind II: The Killing Grounds - Michael McBride

Snowblind was one of my favorite novellas from Darkfuse when it came out in 2012 and the second installment adds depth to the story without being a direct sequel. However, I do recommend reading Snowblind first in order to get the full effect of this one.


A small group of people find themselves in a remote area in the Rockies that seems to be a ground zero for disappearances. They have all come for different reasons: one to search answers as to what happened to his girlfriend seven years ago, a game warden is trying to track something big and savage enough to tear apart big horn sheep and leave their bodies scattered in pieces over the landscape, and a sheriff, perhaps the most troubled of all, has a video tape and photos in his possession that may provide the answers to these questions. Answers that are perhaps worse than not knowing at all. Especially since it has grown dark, there are noises in the woods, and the answers to those questions come with the realization that you are in a killing ground from which there is no escape.


Even though this is a graphic and violent story, McBride has compassion for his characters, which makes the inevitability and savagery much more devastating.

Another great novella from Michael McBride and from Darkfuse.