It's Only Death

It's Only Death -  Lee  Thompson I received an ARC e-book copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. I also was a pre-reader and read an earlier draft of the novel prior to publication.

It’s Only Death is noir of the darkest sort. Disfunctional doesn’t even begin to describe the family in this story. Broken. Devastated. Those are more accurate adjectives. Everyone in this story is broken in some way.

Dylan says every man needs redemption and that all men will fall---surely we all fall, but can all men be redeemed; can all men be released from their sins? Are some things so wrong that there can be no forgiveness? Are there some debts that can never be paid?

That is what It’s Only Death is all about. Wrap those questions in a dark and violent story which twists and turns on itself like a snake trying cross a hot tarmac and that is what you have.

Dark. Relentless and compelling. And surprising at times. Well done.