Facial - Jeff Strand I received an ARC ebook of this novella from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Perhaps I should be worried that I didn’t find this all that weird….

I have read most of Jeff Strand’s work and I am a fan. For those of you not familiar with his work I would recommend Dweller and Wolf Hunt for starters. You will thank me later, I am sure.

Strand has a distinctive voice, that is for sure. Very few people can pull off farce and even few would even attempt a horror farce but Strand does it very very well, and this is one of his better ones.

I envision this more or less like a “reader’s theatre” concept. I picture a blank stage with about 10 characters who read their character viewpoints which are arranged into chapters. Many laughs would erupt from the audience at the dialogue, which is one of Strand’s strong points. His characters say things that are laugh out loud funny but can’t be repeated because we would worry what people would think of anyone who found such a horrible concept funny….

And every now and then the audience would pause when underneath the zany banter lurks a bit of uncomfortable truth. I felt that way about this one. There is something deeper here that says something about us as people and how detached and amoral we can be. Farsical as the violence is in this novella, I was uncomfortable thinking of real life parallels.

Jeff sure makes me laugh. But he also makes me squirm and disturbs me. That is why I read him and will continue to do so.