Within - Keith Deininger I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Another high quality novel from Darkfuse. I have come to expect, both from Darkfuse as well as from Keith Deininger, dark novels or novellas that explore the dark side of human nature or the human condition rather than trot out old tired story lines about monsters that are predictable from the first few pages. Literary horror? Thinking person’s horror? Not sure what label to put on it, or if I should even try, but I can say that you have to keep your mind open and be prepared to think more than you jump.

I have heard it said that real art releases or exposes what lies in the heart or mind of the artist. What if a truly gifted artist, through the act of creation, releases not what is in their soul, but instead opens a door into hell itself—opening a channel through which flows a churning river of evil, a tide that rises and threatens to overflow our reality?

Dark stuff from a very talented writer. I must also say that one thing that I like about Deininger’s writing is that he never loses his narrative voice and characterization, even with the metaphysical aspects of the story come to the forefront and the line between alternate realities start to blur and overlap. I never lost my sense of where the characters were and how the plot was progressing inexorably toward the dark conclusion.