With Fury In Hand

With Fury In Hand - Lee  Thompson Full Disclosure: I was a pre-reader on this book.

I have read pretty much everything that Lee Thompson has written and this is one of my favorites from his crime fiction novels. This novella is good for the reason why most of his novels are good---the characters. It is also an example of the fine fiction being published by Darkfuse.

I don’t like to give away too much plot in a novella since it may spoil the book for some people and in a novel this short it is really unnecessary. Suffice it to say that the people in this novel are all damaged in different ways. The protagonist is struggling to keep his grip on reality and his sanity, which is sliding around like a squirming eel in his hands. His wife has travelled down a dark road and wants to turn around and return to a place where she can at least respect herself, but is she too late? A young, fragile girl is seeking safety and someplace where she can belong and turns to an aging prostitute who is ready and perhaps able to close a chapter in her life and save this girl and herself in the process. However (isn’t there always a however?) several dark figures have different plans.

The tension is high. The pace is relentless. The tone is typical dark noir Thompson. If you enjoy Cormac McCarthy or Elmore Leonard, you will most likely enjoy this novella.

5 stars. Well done.