Whitstable - Stephen Volk An homage, a celebration, of one of the greatest horror film actors ever—Peter Cushing. A man described by Christopher Lee in a reverential tone as “one of the “greatest actors----and one of the greatest human beings” that he has ever known. If you are a fan of horror movies, and of the Hammer Horror films in particular, if you will watch any movie if Mr. Cushing or Mr. Lee is in the cast and enjoy it just because of them (because let’s be honest, they weren’t all gems…), then you will love this book as much as I did.

Not only was did I eat up every inside story of Mr. Cushing’s life and career, I found the plot to be truly compelling. Mr. Cushing dashed across the screen as a heroic action hero, stalking and vanquishing vampires where they hid. The only man feared by Dracula. But this story takes place late in his life. He has lost his beloved wife and his psychological and spiritual North Star. He is adrift, old, and tired when he meets a young boy who tells him of a real monster that preys on him.

Cushing draws from his inner well of courage and faith that was reflected on the screen every time he played Van Helsing. But will it be enough? This time the villain is not his smiling good friend Christopher Lee, but a real life monster than means him harm.

Just as a heads up----if you haven’t watched The Vampire Lovers, you might want to see it before you read the book. There is a spectacular scene that involves that movie.