Video Night

Video Night - Adam Cesare Extremely well done homage to 80’s horror and 80’s horror films. Seriously, if I didn’t look at the publication date, I would have thought this was a battered old paperback from someone’s attic. Yes, I know it was a kindle book but go with me on this, please? Sheesh.

Alien town take-over by particularly nasty parasitic aliens who seed and utilize the local inhabitants as hosts done in 80’s style. Extra points given for the fact that while this was a homage, complete with humor elements, Cesare kept the story line quite scary.

Cesare keeps it seemless, too. I couldn’t spot a single anachronism or anything out of place for the time. Even the story was classic deadpan humor coupled with scares in the spirit of Re-animator or Return of the Living Dead. If you are a fan of the horror of this period you will really enjoy this book.