When We Fall

When We Fall - Peter Giglio Darkfuse is publishing some very fine fiction in the mystery/crime, horror, and science fiction genres, and I was excited to see Giglio join their group of authors. I first encountered Giglio in his really fine collection of short stories, Sunfall Manor, which I also wholeheartedly recommend.

Peter Giglio is a very good writer. I don’t like comparisions with other writers and I seldom make them but I will drop the name of Stephen King to the extent that Giglio, like King, fills his stories with characters that are full of heart. We feel deeply for these people and it engages us in the story. When We Fall is a particularly good example---a nostalgic coming of age novel about first love, loss, childhood friends, horror movies and why we love them, and the narrow (and very fragile) thread that holds our lives together and keeps us safe. The thread that sometimes breaks and alters the course of our life. More supernatural than horror, more haunting than thrilling, When We Fall is an example of fine fiction, no matter what genre. This novella packs quite a punch.